Introduction to this website

Only once in the history of mankind is the discovery being made that will lead to the natural control of cancer.

This time is now.

However, the fact that the essential role of micronutrients in controlling cancer has thus far not been understood – let alone applied towards the control of the cancer epidemic – is no coincidence. It has been deliberately neglected and withheld in the interest of the pharmaceutical “business with disease.”

The truth about chemotherapy

Diseases in general have been exploited by pharmaceutical business interests as markets for their patented drugs. In cancer an additional, particularly appalling, aspect of this reality deserves special consideration. The diagnosis of ‘cancer’ has been kept as a ‘death verdict’ in the perception of people. That was not a coincidence. This fear of death made millions of cancer patients accept literally any procedures – as questionable as they may be – including highly toxic chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy and radiation – which have been used by conventional medicine for more than half a century to fight cancer, have one common ‘therapeutic’ effect: they kill cancer cells and billions of healthy cells alike. These highly toxic procedures indiscriminately damage all cells in the body of patients and have, therefore, been compared to a ‘shotgun’ approach.

To make things worse, chemotherapy affects particularly those healthy cells in our body that are multiplying rapidly, such as the white blood cells of the immune system. Thus, when the body of a cancer patient has the greatest need for effective defence, the immune cells are being systematically destroyed by highly toxic procedures.

In fact, a whole array of highly toxic chemicals are being applied to millions of cancer patients around the world with the alleged promise to cure cancer. Among these substances are some of the most toxic chemicals known to man. The first chemotherapy drug was directly derived from ‘mustard gas’, a chemical warfare agent used in World War I as a weapon! Derivatives of this deadly gas – such as mechlorethamine, cyclophosphamide, chlorambucil and ifosfamide – are still being used in cancer patients today.

Besides these derivatives of mustard gas, there are several other groups of highly toxic chemicals being applied to cancer patients. The common denominator of all these chemicals is that they damage the molecules of inheritance (DNA) in the cell core and interrupt other essential biological processes in every cell of the body.

With these toxic substances circulating in the body for many hours, even days, with the destruction of cells being the desired therapeutic target of these chemicals, it is no wonder that ‘chemotherapy’ causes severe side effects in patients.

The toxicity of chemotherapy drugs damages not only a few organs in our body, but all organs and cell systems. For most patients, every cycle of chemotherapy is associated not only with severe pain, but with a multitude of new health problems.

Facts about the drug industry you may not have been aware of

Almost half of all the substances listed by the US government as ‘carcinogenic’ – i.e., cancer causing – are pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for various diseases.

The reason for this is that pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic – i.e., artificial – compounds, not natural substances. Thus, the human body cannot recognize them and they cannot easily be neutralized or eliminated.

The reason why most prescription drugs are not natural compounds but synthetic in nature is their patentability. The pharmaceutical business is based upon profiting from the huge patent fees of newly synthesized chemical compounds.

Thus, the ongoing cancer epidemic is also the result of this business principle. The fact that many prescription drugs can cause cancer is widely known and is documented in many clinical studies and even government reports.

In short, therefore, the Pharma Cartel is deceiving millions of patients worldwide for one purpose only: defending its multi-trillion dollar drug investment business. This fraudulent business model needs to be terminated as soon as possible in the interests of the health and lives of the almost seven billion people living today and all future generations.

Why we are calling for a second ‘Nuremberg’ Tribunal

The original Nuremberg Tribunal was part of the US and other Allied governments efforts to determine the responsibility for WWII and bring to account those who committed crimes against humanity. Between 1945 and 1948 several of these trials were held in the Palace of Justice in the German city of Nuremberg, hence its name.

The Tribunal consisted of a series of 13 trials. The first one, against the so-called “main war criminals,” was entitled: “The USA, France, United Kingdom and USSR v. Hermann Goering et al.” This trial took place between 1945 and 1946 and ended with long prison sentences or the death penalty for most of the perpetrators.

Interestingly, it was this first trial against the political and military figureheads of the Nazi regime that has been generally portrayed as The Nuremberg Tribunal. This portrayal is historically inaccurate, however. Moreover, it has deflected attention away from the real “war criminals” who, with their economic power, had financed the rise of the Nazis and the preparations for WWII.

In reality, the most important of the Nuremberg trials was the case against the pharmaceutical and petrochemical cartel, IG Farben. The executives of this cartel, according to the chief US prosecutor, Telford Taylor, were the main war criminals – without whom WWII would not have been possible.

However, whilst the Nuremberg Tribunal brought the IG Farben cartel to account, it was only partially successful in ending its crimes. Within only a few years after the trials were completed, the roots of the drug cartel were quickly re-established. The corporate executives of IG Farben – after a mere ”reprimand” at Nuremberg – were soon reinstated by the new owners of the IG Farben shares in the USA and the UK in order to consolidate the oil and drug cartel at a global level.

However, these important facts have essentially been concealed from the people of the world, who were made to believe that with the first Nuremberg trial – against the military and political stakeholders – the ”main war criminals” had been brought to justice.

But they were not.

Moreover, since that time, the Pharma Cartel’s size and global influence has grown dramatically. For example, the Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein became the key architect of the so-called European Commission – the European Union’s unelected executive body - and its first President.

As a result, the drug cartel’s original blueprint for Europe and its dreams of World Empire were not destroyed. Instead, the cartel simply regrouped and is now attempting to implement its plans economically, rather than militarily.

As such, only through the holding of a second ‘Nuremberg’ Tribunal can the fraudulent pharmaceutical business with cancer be terminated.

We are, therefore, building an international team of volunteers willing to work with us on these preparations. If you would like to be a part of this team, please contact us.