Health and Justice for All

– Dedicated to Thabo Mbeki and Salvador Allende –

These webpages are dedicated to the progress of mankind towards a world of Health and Social Justice. These goals cannot be achieved without abolishing the imbalance between rich and poor nations. Lessening the dependency of the developing nations on the economic power of the industrialized world has been a hallmark of progressive movements and their leaders. Conversely, cementing this economic imbalance has been the target of those interested in preserving the status quo.

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Stop the AIDS Genocide of the Drug Cartel

The truth about ARVs – and what their promoters don't want you to know

For 25 years, the promoters of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs have been advocating these drugs as the treatment of choice for AIDS with claims of life-saving and life-prolonging properties. The promoters of these claims include certain media, ARV-supporters among the clinical community, activist groups as well as politicians around the world. However, the scientific validity and truth of these ARV-related health claims has never been proven in well-controlled, long-term scientific studies. Moreover, the promoters of these drugs never had to defend these claims in court and under oath. That has now changed.

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Revealed: Bush's Plan for Global Economic Coup!

Bush and Sarkozy's Plan for Global Financial Summit in Washington on November 15, 2008

Over recent weeks, the plan by which the status quo intends to retaliate – and handicap the Obama government from the beginning – is a global economic coup. With the administrative, regulatory and legislative tools determining the US economy soon to be in the hands of the Obama administration, the status quo designed a devious plan to keep control over the US economy: the establishment of a global economic government to override the future US government’s decisions. The first step towards this goal is to take away the controlling voting power of the Obama government in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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