HIV-Positive People and AIDS Patients

Given the serious side effects of antiretroviral (ARV) drug medicines for HIV/AIDS, it is high time that public awareness of the latest scientific evidence that the course of AIDS can be reversed naturally through the use of safe micronutrient supplements is improved. We therefore hope that the information on these pages will be of use to HIV-positive people, AIDS patients, and their families.

This website will also be an evidence base against the ARV drug interests and help to bring them to justice for knowingly promoting these toxic drugs. If you are currently taking, or have taken, antiretroviral medicines and have experienced the serious side effects of these drugs, your experiences will be an important part of the case against these ARV drug interests. We therefore encourage you to contribute your testimony to the preparations for this tribunal by clicking here.

Government Officials

Prior to the publishing of the latest scientific evidence that the course of AIDS can be reversed naturally through the use of safe micronutrient supplements, government health departments effectively had no option in the treatment of this disease other than to use billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money for the purpose of purchasing antiretroviral drug medicines. We therefore hope that the material on these pages will be helpful in informing those responsible for the allocation of such resources that cheaper, safer and effective options for the control of HIV/AIDS are available.

Furthermore, the information being collected on this website will provide a detailed evidential base against the perpetrators of these genocidal frauds, enabling them to be brought to justice for their crimes. In view of the international nature of these crimes against humanity, the concerted efforts of national governments will once again be necessary, as has been the case with past genocides, in order to bring about a new ‘Nuremberg’ tribunal. We encourage governments to use this website as a resource to support such efforts.

Insurance Companies

Given that ARV drugs can cause serious side effects and that their efficacy is limited, there is clearly a need for insurance companies to consider these issues as an utmost priority. Such sustained, fraudulent business practices are genocidal and should be brought to an end. The billions of dollars wasted annually by providing for the cost of ARV drugs through medical insurance schemes around the world needs to be stopped and the funds redirected toward the provision of more cost effective solutions.

We encourage the executives of insurance companies to use the evidence base being built through this website to demand recompense from the ARV drug interests for the fraudulent activities that have contributed to the escalating costs of medical insurance schemes.


As awareness grows regarding the serious side effects that can result from ARV treatment, class-action lawsuits will inevitably be brought against their manufacturers. For example, recent research suggests that some AIDS drugs – such as Abacavir and Didanosine – can dramatically increase the risk of heart attacks and that GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of abacavir, had downplayed an early warning about the rising number of people who have suffered potentially fatal heart attacks following the use of the drug.

As such, we hope that the material on these pages will be of interest to lawyers specializing in class-action lawsuits and the patients whose health and lives have been damaged by ARVs.

The Media

If you are a journalist or a political commentator, you have a responsibility for accurate reporting and truthful provision of information to the public. How can you live up to this responsibility if you do not help to disseminate the information on this website to all your readers and viewers?
Pharmaceutical genocide is the biggest crime the world has ever been subjected to and the perpetrators must be brought to account. The media’s role in this process, as the provider of truthful and accurate information to the public, can be a catalyst towards creating public demand for this action. We encourage all media organization owners and their editors to act accordingly.


Students of all ages are encouraged to use the contents of this website as the basis for projects at schools, colleges, universities and all other levels of education.


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