Deceptive marketing of expensive, often deadly pharmaceutical drugs has led to the creation of multi-billion dollar markets based on the expansion, rather than elimination of, diseases.

Whilst portraying itself as offering solutions to the world’s major endemic diseases, the pharmaceutical industry thrives on the exploitation of diseases for profit.

Multi-billion dollar drug markets are artificially created by marketing as “cures” toxic chemical drugs which simply treat the symptoms of diseases - and not the causes. Consequently, major endemic diseases continue to spread, further increasing the drug companies’ sales and profits.

Worse still, not only does the pharmaceutical fraud involve this deceptive and deadly marketing, it also goes much further than that by ignoring, hiding and obstructing effective, safe and scientifically proven natural therapies that are capable of largely eradicating the world’s major endemic diseases.

The following links provide detailed information on the most significant disease frauds currently being perpetrated by the pharmaceutical drug cartel: